Less than Good

To Saltspire Tomb
The First Job

The party began the day by retelling (and slightly embellishing) the tale of the only eventful day on their trip to Silverymoon, to a bar room crowd. After a more well-traveled patron pointed out the hole in their story the party retreated to a corner to await the arrival of their contacts in the city.

The party waited most of the day, but their patience was rewarded when Avalina “Lina” Greenwall and Gorman “Gor” Seziir finally found the band. They informed the anxious group that a member of the city’s government had discovered that “Zhents” were coming to the city and had begun to search for signs of nefarious influence. The two contacts explained that they had a way around this problem however. They knew a city official who could be bribed to deploy this meddling bureaucrat to far off Luskan, effectively neutering his ability to interfere with the party. The only problem was that he was asking for a ridiculous sum of 750 gold pieces.

Lina and Gor had found a rather unpleasant employer who was looking for a band of bodyguard’s ASAP. This man, Randin Saltspire, needed protection as he passed a generations old family tradition of plumbing the depths of the family’s own personal dungeon. (Yep, long story)

The party agreed to his unsavory and arrogant demands but asked for half the money upfront as a sign of good faith. Randin agreed and soon the party was trekking across the countryside of the Silver Marches in search of Saltspire tomb.

After locating the tomb the group accompanied and protected Randin through it’s perilous depths. Many in the party were gravely injured, however, in the end, they bypassed all of the many monsters and traps to reach the final chamber. There Randin obtained his prize, a family spellbook of great value. Before turning the book over to Randin the party’s enchanter ensorcelled their employer and convinced him to pay the party the full potential bonus that he had promised them.

Before leaving the tomb the party encountered the shade of Randin’s great grandfather who personally rewarded the party for keeping his heir safe. The party then returned to Silverymoon with Randin, who paid the party all that he had agreed to, including the full bonus.

It is unclear if anyone in the party recalled that Randin had hired a number of bards prior to setting out on the trip with him. Before returning to his home, Randin bade the bards to spread tales and songs of the party. The songs exaggerate the stupidity of the party, who are often depicted as blundering in to one obvious trap after the next. Furthermore the party is portrayed as greedy and self serving, often leaving Randin to the perils of the dungeon to pursue hints of great treasure which always turn out to be fake.

Notable Treasures: Wand of Minor Curing, Universal Solvent, Unique Summoning Spell.

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